Elfen Laid

Elfen Laid

Anonymous said: What hentai is it that had the girl and the tentacle and there color silver that u had posted and the gif of it has the tentacle drilling her ass?

Hxjsisjs id have to go look.. i write it all down in my phome but i have like at least 500 hentai gifs on there o..o

I still don’t understand why everyone on Tumblr who runs a porn blog is so secretive about their identities.

Oh, you watch porn?

Oh, you masturbate?

Oh, you take dirty pictures of yourself and post them online?

Oh, you like so and so fetish?

Oh, like the rest of the 7 billion fucking people on this earth don’t do the same exact flipping thing.

And anyone who says they’ve never turned on their laptops and yanked their ween or flicked their bean to a good ol’ fashion gang bang is a lying sack of horse shit.

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Ohhhhh we have a bad ass over here

Ohhhhh we have a bad ass over here


making my computer read my anons

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Anonymous said: how are you feeling?

Im extremely sick, and I have work bright and early in the morning along with 1,000% errands to run. How are you feeling tonight?

I want a kind man but I also want a man who will slap me around in bed.
I want a gentle man but I also want a strong man who will protect me against danger.
I want a stable man but I also want a valiant man who will wisk me away on random adventures.
I want a funny man but I also want a dominant man who will take control and show me the way.
I want a man who will pull my hair and slap my ass but I also want a man who will caress my face, kiss my forehead and tell me how much me loves me.
And yet late at night, I find myself wondering, if there is even such a man, or if I am wishing past the stars.